Monday, February 20, 2012

Tua Viso Before and After Photos!

Heather's remarkable brow lift!
Heather had one eye "droopier" than the other you can notice in the before photo that her one eyelid is almost covered by sagging skin. With daily use of the Tua Viso and spending more minutes on the sagging brow she was able to achieve an incredible natural brow lift after 30 days, although she has some way to go to balance her look, the sagging skin has pulled taunt and lifted. A 6 Month update from Heather - we notice the eyes balanced but also we see how both eyes have opened and look much younger, the distance between brow and eyelid has increased on both sides giving a much more youthful appearance. This result shows with dedication and perseverance that results with the Tua Viso Non-surgical anti-ageing machine is very achievable. For more information see:

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